Doula Services with Julie

Written recommendations...

"Julie helped with both of my births. For the first she was a calm and supportive presence who helped me relax enough that my daughter was born easily, leaving us with nothing but wonderful memories (other than forgetting the tub liner). For our second birth I made sure she was available right after telling my husband we'd managed to get pregnant, as I wanted a second easy wonderful birth. Well it was more intense being a twenty minute birth but it wouldn't have been nearly as easy without her.

I tell people who ask, she's worth her weight in chocolate.... good dark chocolate at that... Her calmness and serenity are contagious. Her knowledge and ability to know what a laboring mom needs to relax, and make the birth easier, are invaluable."

~Eileen (mother of two)

Julie empowered me to have the birthing experience I truly wanted; the experience I longed for. I had a vision for bringing my child into the world but I was terrified of what I deeply desired. Julie helped me to see a very simple truth. She enforced my inner strength as a woman and life creator. She told me I was capable. My child was capable. She reminded me of what I knew deep within. We, my child and I, were going to be okay. We knew what to do. Julie held me in knowing of my abilities as a woman. The birth of my son was a great and empowering passage that I feel would have been full of fear had she not been there reminding me of who I am.


I have recommended doulas to all of my family and friends after Julie assisted with the birth of our second child. My first was a C-section after remaining at seven centimeters for about seven unmedicated hours. With my second child, my water was broken for about 36 hours before I even realized I was in labor. I went to the hospital and was given Pitocin, as I had been with my first and four hours later my son was pushed out into the world. I believe that having a doula made all the difference. I haven't had the luck to have amazing nurses, so Julie was all the more important. It was important to me to have someone by my side, who knew what kind of experience I wanted. Her voice reassured me when I felt nervous or scared. She helped me to find positions that helped me to relax. I want to have my babies at the hospital and now I know that the only way to offset the negative side of the hospital experience is to have a doula.

As the father-to-be, I was initially reluctant and skeptical about having a doula there during the birth of our child. However, it turned out to be a great experience. Having Julie there took a lot of pressure off of me. I didn't have to "guess" what I was supposed to do next. Julie was very helpful about leading me along and helping me be an effective birthing partner. Having a voice of experience, confidence and reason was invaluable to someone like me who was very much a newbie to the whole birthing experience.

~Jacquie and Mark

Julie was a perfect addition to my birth experience. She helped to create a nurturing environment for our at home labor and delivery. It was very comforting for me to have someone there who could relate with exactly what I was going through. By applying her knowledge in Reiki, Julie was able to help me work through some energy/emotional blockages before, during and after labor. My first two births experience were a part of those blockages, she helped me let go and open myself to labor and birth again.

~Jessica (mother of four)

I am overjoyed I found Julie for my birthing process. I hoped for an easy and smooth birth, as all do, but unfortunately it was not in the cards. I remember very little from the 26 hour process; my husband asking if I am ok, a nurse who kept slamming the door and Julie. . . Julie holding my hand and her calming voice, her face through the rails of the bed comforting me and making sure I knew someone was there for me. She even stayed with me after my C-section to keep me company while my epidural wore off and the anxiety of not being able to feel my legs went away. I am thankful every time I look at my daughter that Julie was there to help me and my husband thru difficult time.