Blissful Births

Pregnancy, birth, and parenting are intimidating for a lot of people. At Blissful Births we believe that this time can be joyous; filled with warmth, positive energy, comfort, and hopefulness. In a word, Blissful.

To experience this intimate rite of passage is to be a part of the river of passion that flows around the world, the balance of the life giving cycle, the strength of humankind, joined in the natural bliss of birth.

Our part of this universal dance is to help guide all through the knowledge of understanding places, people, and preferences to attain an empowering encounter with this timeless event; birth.

We welcome you to explore our site and get to know us. Blissful Births wishes to reach out to you with knowledge, experience, flexibility, and creativity. Our mission/vision will give you more insight into who we are.