Communications Coaching

for Transitions


The childbearing year is a time filled with transitions. It is challenging to couples to begin to move into this new faze in their relationship. It's also important for parents to help older siblings integrate a new baby into their family. Jessica has multi-layered training in various communications methods and will provide private coaching in strengthening what is already working, as well as bringing in new tools to replace what is not. More than just a place to work on problems, communications coaching is really helpful in preventing problems. This includes helping couples to know what to expect as their relationship evolves with the new role of parenting, as well as providing tools for overcoming relationships challenges before they become undermining to your growing family's foundation.


Jessica offers various coaching session services...


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Preparation for Parenting $75

Spend 2-4 hours with Jessica discussing what to expect with your relationship through the process of pregnancy, birth, and parenting. Learn skills that will be presented according to what you already know, and have been doing -including expressing feelings, communicating understanding, navigating predicible road blocks, and parenting as a team. 

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New Sibling Session $50

This 2 hour session is all about the communications tools that help with introducing new siblings to your family. Customized to your specific situation, it will usually include minimizing sibling rivalry, tools for working through older sibling jealousy, and instilling good conflict management skills into children.

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Full Package $100

The full package involves both of the above sessions, in 2 three hour segments.

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Parenting Together $50

It is important that parents present a united front so that children can feel secure and confident in their home life. Parenting Together is a two hour coaching session where you spend time with Jessica as you compare parenting philosophies and discuss how to combine them so that you can parent as a team.