Birth Preferences (Plan) Consultation

birth plan pic

A birth plan is the most common name for a written document in which you articulate your preferences surrounding labor and birth.We like to call it Birth Preferences because that is exactly what they are, we can't plan for how birth unfolds. This document is very helpful because it's hard to keep your head straight sometimes, once in the mindset of labor. The process of making your birth preference documentation also provides a time where you sort through your choices to decide where your priorities lie. This is often an important opportunity for a mother to communicate with her birth partner(s) as part of the process of truly working as a team. Ideally, you will write your birth preferences in time to go over it with your care providers. This will let you make changes based on your individual needs or the environment you'll be birthing within.

Since this process can be overwhelming and involve technical or medical language, having someone knowledgeable and experienced mentoring you through it is an extremely valuable tool. We are happy to offer our services as experienced professionals, women, and mothers. Birth preferences consulting gives you access to our education, as well as our resources. Either in person, or over the phone (usually with some email involvement) we can talk about what your choices are, how to articulate your preferences, and the most effective ways of sharing your birth preference with your birthing team. Many people express a deepened sense of preparedness after finishing the process of writing their birth preferences. It's empowering to be confident about what is right for you!


We charge $45 per hour of in-person consultation, with $15 per hour of follow up via email and/or phone. For consultation only via email or phone the first hour is $30 and $15 per hour, after that. Most of the time, the initial session (most often in person) to transfer resources, process options, and get set up to write your birth preferences takes about an hour. After that, the follow up for editing and processing usually takes no more than an hour.

The breakdown:

$45 per hour in person with $15 per hour of follow up

$30 first hour of exclusive phone/email with $15 per hour for follow up