Julie McBurney

Birth Doula

Reiki Master
Birthing From Within Mentor
Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

My journey with birth really began when I found out I was pregnant for the first time. I picked up a quintessential, popular book about pregnancy and birth, but wasn't satisfied with it. So I started looking for better books. I looked for books that would help me feel safe and empowered; informed. I wanted books that showed faith in our bodies. I wanted to understand the natural order of birth; how it worked.

One of the many books I read during my pregnancy that I loved was Birthing From Within by Pam England. I loved the philosophy so much I chose to take it as a childbirth method. I felt it truly prepared me for my journey through birth, through motherhood. Exploring my emotions, my voice, my body through the pain coping exercises set me free during my labor. I wasn't afraid to make noise, say what I needed, how I felt, or go within myself. I was able to find my rhythm, quite my mind, soften my body, and birth my baby.

After my first positive birth experience, in 2000, I found myself hearing a lot of negative tales from other mothers. I wanted to reach out to them and help them have better experiences. I found myself wishing I could have been there to support them with information, emotionally and physically. My compassion became a passion towards better birth experiences.

I can't remember how I found out about doulas, but after hearing the experiences of others- it seemed like the right role for me. I wanted to help empower women with the lasting memory of a good birth. Choosing to become certified by DONA International, I started attending births as a trained doula in the Summer of 2005.

Out of an interest in exploring more in depth healing tools, I took my first Reiki I class in 1998. I was empowered by the healing aspects of Reiki and embarked on an amazing journey into healing. My path as a doula and motherhood brought me back to take Usui Reiki I & II training in 2006 with Pam and Don McMahon.

After further preparation, I attended the Advanced Reiki Training in 2007 -broadening my skills and techniques. This allowed me to move forward in practicing Reiki, expanding my healing abilities in a variety of birth related ways over time. Finally, in August 2009, I completed my Reiki III Usui/Tibetan Master training.

I incorporate the many different healing art skills with Reiki. Reiki is the foundation for my practice, but this is augmented individually by the other tools that I have at my fingertips at all times. For instance, I often combine guided meditation and Reiki to help women prepare for a natural labor and birth. I am excited to be able to bring depth to my Reiki sessions in this way.

Preparing for postpartum is something that most parents don’t learn enough about in their prenatal classes, or just can’t prepare enough for before the birth. I was inspired to become a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist because of watching the raise in women around me taking medication for depression and anxiety after giving birth. I wanted to teach them and provided them with a natural choice. In October of 2011 I attended the Full Circle Encapsulation Workshop & Certification Program, now renamed International Placenta Postpartum Association (IPPA). I am now a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist and a trainer for IPPA's Workshop & Certification Program. 

As a postpartum mother after my first birth in June of 2000, I was amazed by the benefits I experienced taking placenta capsules. The energy I had, the plentiful milk supply, the easier time I had with working with hormonal fluctuation, and the general feeling of well being. With my second birth in March of 2007, I planted my placenta with a tree at our first home we owned. With the birth of my third child it was an essential part in helping me through the energetic transition and all the breastfeeding challenges we faced. Through my birth's, I have become a big advocate for placenta services and traditions.

When I think of birth, I think of it as a natural, normal event that involves a need for support, rhythm, and comfort. I enjoy how every birth I attend, I learn more. Birth is an endless fountain of information.

I see myself as the person to fill in the blanks. Knowledge can make such a difference towards a good birth experience. I want to complete the circle of support, wherever there are gaps to be filled. I am always honored to be invited to this intimate experience. My hopes are to guide you through your journey through parenthood, as a Birth Doula, a Birthing From Within Mentor, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, or a Reiki Master Practitioner / Teacher.

I believe with all the links connected that any birth can be blissful, empowering. A beautiful experience. I know that confidence makes all the difference in birth. That level of confidence will not only carry you through your birth, but throughout parenthood too. I would be happy to join you as you labor towards the natural bliss of birth.

To better support my birth client's, I am also a part of a great back up doula group. I work with five wonderful women; Erin Luben, Jamie Jackson, Joanne DaHill , Michelle McClafferty, and Rebecca Costello.  We host a "Meet the Doulas" event once a month through out the triangle, so that you have the opportunity to meet and talk with all of us.
Check out where the meeting is this month by going to our website!

Come Join Us, for an evening of learning, questioning, snacking, and story telling. As we not only let you get to know us, but we may have speakers, new parents with there babies telling their birth story, or birth video clips.

If you are a current client, you are invited to this event and if you are considering having a doula at your birth, or interested in different childbirth methods, contact me to let me know you would like to attend. Please feel free to walk in if you find out this information right before a meeting.

Contact me at Julie@blissfulbirths.net or 919-889-9505