Jessica Altemara


Birth Doula

Childbirth Educator
Lactation Consultant
Birth Plan Consultant

I have been involved in the birth community all my life. After seeing a baby born for the first time, at 12, I started to notice the birth world even more. I had my first child in 2002 and felt like I was completely prepared, only to find out that I really did not even realize what I truly needed. I've learned since then. I found good support and quality information and it transformed my experience the second time around. Two years later, my third birth experience helped me grow even more to an understanding of how different each experience can be.

Through the course of a lifetime in the birth environment and my experience as a mother of three, I've gotten the chance to see how individual childbirth truly is. I know that giving birth is always intense, emotional, and life changing. I also feel strongly that every woman who will go through this deserves to be able to enjoy the experience to its fullest potential.

To this end, I've invested myself in learning about birth, breastfeeding, and parenting. I've also become trained in being as effective a support source as possible. I took special courses in communication skills and have been trained as a childbirth instructor and doula. I really enjoy the enrichment of learning and find myself always seeking opportunities to learn more.

I've been trained by DONA and Lamaze, as well as having an understanding of different childbirth coping perspectives by personally having had a Lamaze birth, a Hypno birth, and a Bradley birth, respectively. I worked for years to become an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant(IBCLC) because I believe in the importance of obtaining the highest quality level of support possible.

I love trying to understand what really matters to a woman, and her partner(s), and helping them realize what will gain them their full potential. I teach classes from a curriculum I designed myself because there were so many great methods that I couldn't pick just one. I attend births as a birth doula, always feeling so special that people allow me to be part of the process of bringing life into the world. I love helping with the whole course of breastfeeding during that special phase of life.

I know that no matter how it's done- giving birth can be empowering and enjoyable. I hope that Julie and I are able to be a resource for people who want to empower themselves to take charge of their experience and make this happen.