Postpartum Doula Training

IPPA's (International Placenta & Postpartum Association) in person comprehensive training will give you all of the knowledge and tools you need to launch a complete postpartum business. You will be able to offer your clients postpartum doula and overnight postpartum doula services, infant soothing techniques, belly binding, postpartum nutrition, breastfeeding knowledge, sealing ceremonies and more.

We have you covered from background, practical application, business forms, marketing, how to charge, all the way down to branding your business and how to educate your community. IPPA offers you unbiased education with the continuing support you need so that you are able to choose how you want to offer services to your clients. 

Prerequisites for postpartum doula:

-Online or in person breastfeeding class of minimum 4 hours or other credentialed lactation training/certification. Must bring certificate to the training on day 1 to participate. 
-Infant CPR certification. Must bring certificate to the training on day 1 to participate. 
-2 books off of the reading list.

Content included for Postpartum Doulas:

-Preparing for postpartum
-What to expect: weeks 1-6
-Cultural diversity
-Emotional recovery from childbirth
-Physical postpartum care after a vaginal birth
-Your c-section postpartum
-Body love
-Postpartum nutrition
-Abortion and the postpartum
-Grief and loss
-Postpartum depression and anxiety
-Talking to the postpartum mom
-Do I need help?
-Newborn physiology
-Basic infant care
-Infant feeding
-Infant soothing techiniques
-Kangaroo care
-Supporting a mom with a NICU baby
-Safe sleep solutions
-Umbilical cord care
-Circumcision care
-Vaccines: Making the choice
-The dynamics of parenting
-Natural home cleaning
-Marketing and social media
-Charging for your services
-Paperwork and launching your website

**You will receive a certificate of completion after the training so that you can begin marketing your business and accepting clients.**

Trainer: Julie McBurney
Please email any questions at