Preparation for Parenting

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Private Classes

Jessica highly enjoys sculpting private, custom made classes. It works especially well for people who can't attend a traditional weekly class or are due in the near future, as they can be scheduled in your home, on your time line. Many clients express added ability to focus on the class and integrate the material while in the familiar environment of their home.

Childbirth, breastfeeding, and parenting are unique experiences for every person, and we feel your education in preparation for them should be as well. We feel every mother is the expert on her body and her baby; all people know their situations best. Blissful Births is open and welcoming to families of all shapes and sizes, as well as diverse needs in birth. If you have any questions concerning the details of your situation, please feel free to contact Jessica, at


It's helpful to have a private class because you can ask questions any time and guide the class to meet any interests or needs that develop as you learn. The outline usually pulls from the best of Bradley, Hypnobirthing, Lamaze, and Birthing From Within. While this is a lot to pull from, each method has aspects that fit different people. It is helpful to pull from different method's strengths to be able to truly make a class that best fits each client's plans, needs, and preferences. In fact, the well rounded, independent style of the classes is often what people enjoy most. You can read what others have said about the classes in our recommendations section.

Over and above most childbirth educators, Jessica is an expert in breastfeeding (an IBCLC) and will help you to be successful with that, whatever you need. One of her biggest passions is helping mothers to come to a place where they enjoy feeding their babies and everyone is able to experience the benefits of this timeless, nurturing act. We also understand that it's important for families to experience parenting as a unit, and Jessica enjoys helping people integrate the nursing relationship into a dynamic that leaves everyone involved. The private breastfeeding classes also include a home visit for Lactation support in the first week. This visit is usually between 1 and 3 hours.

Some parenting classes are before, and some are after birth because people so often have unexpected, personal questions and needs after they meet their very individual baby. Sometimes the post-birth class is scheduled immediately after the birth and sometimes parents reconnect with Jessica as they move into toddlerhood and feel a need for new tools. Like all the other classes, the parenting classes are personalized to meet your unique needs. There is no one-size-fits-all model for parenting. Jessica thinks of herself more as an experienced mentor who can provide a solid understanding of what to expect, and which tools you can pull from, to take pleasure in the parenting experience.


A library full of books read can't match the interactive, personalized quality of a real class!

Basic Material Covered

While the depth and emphasis will change depending on the needs of students, classes generally cover:

The Mechanics of Birth
Comfort Measures
The Emotions of Birth
Effective Labor Support
Birth Options
Designing the right birth for you
Minimizing Risks
Maximizing Benefits
Building A Birth Plan How to know if  it's time
Breastfeeding Basics
Early infant care
Communicating with Providers
Working together with your birth partner
Creating A Support Network Community Resources

By the end of the class, clients have usually created a birth plan and tested many of the skills they will need during labor. A full series does include lactation support and birth plan consultation as part of the package.


Three 2-hour Empowered Birth Classes (6 hours total) $150
~this is the usual, and recommended breakdown of the hours,
but variability is available (such as two 3-hour classes)

Up to 2 hours of Breastfeeding Education  $75
~includes a hospital/home visit and any lactation support needed
~An additional hour of instruction about pumping and working available

Two Parenting Classes $65
~ 2 hours before birth and 3 hours post birth

Take the whole series and get the $290 value for $250!

Group Classes also on demand:

A five week series consisting of 10 hours of instruction $100*

Weekend intensives consisting of 2 days, 4 hours each day $125

**For classes of 3-5 couples organized by Jessica or by the couples themselves.