Doula Services With Jessica

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When I initially mentioned that I wanted to use a doula to assist me during the birth of my first child, both my husband and my mother were somewhat skeptical. Deciding to use Jessica as my birth doula turned out to be the single best decision I made during my pregnancy!

When I first began having contractions Jessica advised me on the best positions for laboring at home and helped me decide when to go to the hospital. Because Jessica was there, I felt prepared and confident during the birth, and my husband was relaxed because he knew he would have guidance in how to best support me. Jessica even helped us with initial breastfeeding immediately after the birth of our baby. My husband and I had exactly the birth experience we wanted, due in large part to Jessica's expertise and her calming presence.

No longer skeptical, now my husband and my mother tell everyone how important it is to have a birth doula!


I highly recommend Jessica as a doula and childbirth educator. She was instrumental throughout my pregnancy and with breastfeeding. Jessica opened my ideas to a lot of things I never considered about my birth plan and options. It is because of her I found the birth center in Chapel Hill and had the birth I had always wanted. Even after my son was born (literally the day my milk came in), she dropped everything to come to my home to help with breastfeeding. My son is now over a year old and still breastfeeds! Jessica has the resources and knowledge to help people have the birth experience they want. As a mother, I think that is a great talent she has.


Delivering a baby within fifteen minutes of arriving at a hospital might sound easy, but without Jessica, my birth experience would have been much different. She came as soon as we knew my labor was real, and helped me cope through a crash and burn labor. Not only did she help me listen to my body, she listened to me. When I said it was time to go to the hospital after only 4 hours of labor, she put the towels down in my husband's car.  She focused on me when the nurses only looked at my paperwork. When everyone else around me was panicking, Jessica remained calm and kept reminding me that birth was natural and that my body could do it. After the birth, she helped me to initiate breastfeeding within minutes. Without her support, I feel that I would not have had the positive birth experience that I did. I highly recommend Jessica's expertise as a doula.