"Understanding birth technology shouldn't lull you into thinking you understand birth. The profound mystery and spirituality of birth can never be understood with the mind, they are known through the heart."
~ Pam England
author of Birthing From Within


Birthing From Within ® childbirth classes can be thought of as gourmet childbirth classes. The Birthing From Within® childbirth preparation experience is facilitated by a Birthing From Within Mentor whose role is to help you:

  • Experience birth as a rite of passage
  • Develop pain coping practices
  • Open your body-mind connection before and during labor
  • Build confidence in yourself and your partner
  • Learn comfort positions for labor
  • Discover how labyrinth connect with birth
  • Ask questions and make decisions in labor
  • Tame your "Birth Tigers"TM
  • Welcome your baby with confidence
  • Plan for a positive postpartum
  • Give birth from within regardless of how your birth unfolds

Your time spent with our Birthing From Within Mentor, Julie, will involve a deep well of creative resources from which she will co-create your class with you, your partner, and other expectant couples. The focus will be on helping you to be able to relax more fully into your body-mind connection, as well as feeling confident handling any unexpected events that may arise.

hands holding

The Birthing From Within experience is one filled with presence of mind and connection with body. You'll learn and practice a new pain coping technique every week, techniques you'll use still as new parents. We will cover the stages of Labor and Birth. What effacement, station, and dilation is and how they work together. Different Positions for coping during Labor and Birth. You'll learn about the Hormonal Orchestration of Labor and Birth, also how it sets the stage in a more immediate way for the process of breastfeeding for both the mother and her baby. The focus is on the exploration of birth and postpartum through many different mediums. Enjoy a few hours a week connection with your baby and partner as you prepare for the journey through birth.

Birthing From Within Mentors do not seek to teach people how to give birth, but -instead- strive to hold your hand or guide you through the process of preparing for any birth experience that you may find yourself having. To give birth from within regardless of how your birth unfolds and welcome your baby with confidence into your family.

In short, we will explore in class about birth through discussion, art, writing, and practical applications. It will cover a lot of information including labor, birth, emotional preparation, informational preparation, postpartum, and caring for your newborn.

Julie also gives out a list of local resources, on complementary care practices during pregnancy and postpartum. Which she bring as a Mentor through the 8 years of working in the birth and breastfeeding community, also through her journey through motherhood, and 13 years of being on a journey through parenthood.

Come join Julie's next group series or private series as she guides you through your journey, through birth. Come find your hearts burning question. What is it you need to give birth?

Currently Julie is only mentoring Private Class Series. She will be back to Group Classes in April 2020. If you are looking for a group classes, Andrea McKinley is holding group classes at Restoring Balance in Chapel Hill. 

Private Class Series:

Price: $350 4 for Sessions or $375 for 5 Sessions 

Private series typically are held in the comfort of your own home. There is a extra travel fee for in home private classes when out of my service area, which is 20 miles from my home in Raleigh. There is an additional travel fee for being outside my service area.

Included the price is your own copy of the book, Birthing From Within or the Labyrinth of Birth by Pam England, a folder with class materials, my full attention, the freedom to schedule classes in a way that fits your calendar, and the comfort of your home and not driving to class. 

This class series is present in 2 ways: 

As a 4 week course, 4 two and half hour sessions
 (10 hours) 
A 5 week course of 5 two hour sessions (10 hours)

Private class series do not have to be weekly, it is only a suggestion so that you can have time to take in the information, do suggested reading, and practice the pain coping technique.


Class Series:

  Weekday evening series are 8 sessions and 2 and 1/2 hours long, and we'll have a postpartum gathering after everyone has given birth with postpartum information, sharing birth stories and discussion. This Class is LIMITED to 4 Couples.

  Weekend series are 8 sessions and 3 hours long, and we'll have a postpartum gathering after everyone has given birth with postpartum information, sharing birth stories, and discussion. This Class is LIMITED to 6 Couples.


   My Home in Raleigh, close to the NC State Farmers Market


$300.00  included in this price is your own copy of the book, Birthing From Within or the Labyrinth of Birth by Pam England, an one hour breastfeeding class taught by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), a Special class just for the Birth Partner, and other class materials.


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