Belly Cast

A Belly Cast is a unique keepsake that is made from creating a mold of a pregnant woman's belly during her third trimester. Since this is a timeless and unchangeable form, some people prefer to have an experienced hand help them in making the belly cast. Blissful Births offers belly cast services that can be separate, or as part of a package.

The process of creating a belly cast usually involves option of protecting the skin a oil or salve and then applying wet plaster gauzeto cover (and take the shape of) the pregnant belly. This mold can also include the breasts, arms, hands, or full torso.

The process takes anywhere from 30-60 mins depending on the type of cast you want.

The plaster sets enough to remove from the body in about 15 mins to half an hour, then air dries for about 48. Then we reinforce the cast with extra layers of the casting and plaster that will add strength and give your cast a smooth look. We also add reinforced holes for hanging your cast up in your baby's nursery or any other place.

After the plaster mold is fully dried and solid, you can a range pick up for your cast. Give a weeks time to get the completed cast ready for pick up. While it may very well take us less time to get it back to you, we do have other services that can keep our attention, like births.

There are many options as far as decorating goes. It can be left in its natural state or decorated with a variety of mediums. Some examples include paint, cloth, string, or natural materials such as leaves, stones, or flowers.

We are happy to connect you with an artist to professionally decorate your cast for you, we have a few that we work with. When it comes to decorating, you are really only limited by your imagination!


Some examples of belly casts:

belly cast, plain front bely cast, plain sidebelly cast, child decorated


Just Belly Casting  $100
Belly and Hands/Arms $120
Chest and Belly with Hands/Arms $150