About Us

Blissful Births has formed as a collective of people passionate about celebrating and facilitating the childbearing year as the most positive experience possible. We believe that every woman is the expert on her body and that you inherently know what you need.

We are dedicated to bringing together individuals within our community so as to harvest a satisfying and empowering journey to, and through, parenthood. Our goal is to provide a connection that allows you to discover yourselves as individuals, parents, and a family.

We strive to be a source of information and support that meets you where you are and travels with you through the journey surrounding birth to find the path that fits you best.

us on the birth ball

Julie and Jessica are the owners of Blissful Births.

At Blissful Births we feel that there is no one right way to give birth. It is an extremely unique and intimate process that is always best done with the focus on the individuals involved. Your philosophy about birth becomes ours.

Blissful Births is comfortable working with, and welcoming to, birthing families of all shapes and sizes. This includes traditional couples, single mothers, GLBT couples/people, All families wanting support for their birth.