Placenta Bliss

Letters of Testimomials...

"Hi Samantha and Julie,

Just wanted to send you a note now that I've been home for a few weeks. Things are going great! Baby is awesome and we are all adjusting well. Speaking of the placenta, I really felt wonderful in the postpartum phase. Very energetic and no mood issues. I did have some minor depression with my first so I could tell a difference here. The energy I felt from the smoothies made me feel like I had an energy drink. And, the best part is that even though my baby spent the first 3 days in the NICU my milk supply didn't miss a beat. We are nursing like a pro duo and I can't help but give thanks to the placenta for the supply that's made that possible.

So, thanks for everything. I loved the whole experience and really thought you did an amazing job. You made it so easy for us and so special too."

Amy R.

"Hi Julie and Samantha,

First of all, I want you both to know what a gift placenta encapsulation has been to both me and my family. After a day or two of taking my pills, I noticed a big difference. It was definitely a more stable and pleasant postpartum than with my first birth where I did not encapsulate. If I was a few hours late in taking my capsules, I immediately felt weepy and irritable. My capsules helped my mood stay even, and I actually felt happy. I also truly enjoyed meeting with Julie beforehand and chatting with Samantha after I returned home from the hospital. You both are special people and make a great team.

Thank you both so much for your guidance and providing such an excellent and useful service." 

Wishing you both the best,
Lauren M.

Placenta Bliss Specialists,

"Reflecting on the last two and a half weeks postpartum has been a night and day comparison to my first postpartum period.  Most days I end up with a "one-two-one" approach to the capsules.  Taking one in the morning to carry us through to nap, two for the most hectic time of day, and one with dinner, carrying to goodnight.  
I have found that with most things, I have had good days and bad.  The good days are far outweighing the bad however, and the bad seem to be directly related to how much sleep has been had the night before.  With settling into a rhythm and healing physically from the birth, my body and mind are more at peace than with my first pregnancy.  I have almost completely stopped bleeding.  My milk supply is abundant, and have stored almost 100 ounces for my return to work in April.  The blues period, seems to have passed and my husband (lovingly) has a "days without tears" counter on our expo board.  
Overall, I am very pleased to have done this.  We will definitely do it again with any subsequent births.  I will, and have, recommend(ed) this for any and all of my pregnant friends, as I truly believe in the body's natural and instinctual ways of protection and health. 

Thank you for providing this service, and for your time and dedication.  It has made my transition into second time motherhood a very smooth one!"

Kelley L. and Family