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Placenta Encapsulation and Placenta Services

As a IPPA Specialist, Julie, Samantha, and Andrea, understands all of the classes, preparation, love and time that is spent getting ready for a new baby. After the baby arrives, we often forget about caring for ourselves. We get caught up in taking pictures, greeting visitors, and working on feeding the baby, experiencing the general transition for new parents or new parents again.

An estimated 80% of moms develop the "Baby Blues", making everyday tasks hard and caring for an infant exhausting. The mother’s body has lost many nutrients from birth and your hormones levels are up and down, which is normal, mother and baby are establishing a rhythm, all while trying to catch a few hours of sleep.

Pamper yourself and your baby with a placenta service. After all, you put in 9 months of hard, baby-growing work in, time to reward yourself by feeling great! Researching and understanding what the placenta can do for your postpartum can really impact your babymoon.

Through the many placenta services Julie, Samantha, and Andrea offers you an opportunity to enjoy heightened energy, a full milk supply, less bleeding and pain, balanced hormones and more.

Why take placenta capsules?

What hormones are in the placenta?

Find the answer to these question and more on our Placenta Questions and Answers page.

There are two primary methods of preparation for encapsulating placenta: the Traditional Chinese Medicine Inspired (TCMI) method and the Raw method. Each method is appropriate for and preferred by different people. You can read more about the Encapsulation Process and to help you decide which one is perfect for you.

For our encapsulations we use a commercial food grade dehydrator, Excalibur,  and high grade blender, Vitamix, for our encapsulation process to bring forth the best quality dehydration and a fine powder with very little blending for encapsulation. This gives you back a product that has been heated evenly and well, also blended smoothly and broken down easily to persevere all the nutritional and hormonal qualities of the placenta.

Samantha and Julie are certified and Andrea is trained, through IPPA, as Independent Encapsulation Specialist. IPPA does not limit their specialists in placenta preparation. They not only teach the Traditional Chinese Medicine Inspired (TCMI) Method, but the Raw method as well. Give us the knowledge to bring you a choice.

As IPPA Specialist we have taken OSHA Blood Born Pathogens Course and NC State Safety Course. IPPA is equipped with the most up to date information and studies, along with an understanding and respect for the cultural, spiritual, and traditional practice of placenta encapsulation. 

We are dedicated to creating a safe, quality placenta service for you.