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Julie and Samantha have been serving the triangle since October of 2011 and  Andrea has been serving the triangle since May of 2013. They attended formerly Full Circle Encapsulation Workshop & Certification Program, now International Placenta & Postpartum Association (IPPA), are Certified Independent Placenta Encapsulation Specialist.

They chose to become a certified encapsulation specialist through Full Circle because there was no limit in type of placenta preparation. It was important to them to be trained in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Inspired Method and the Raw Method as well. They want to be able to offer their clients options, just like in birth, for placenta preparation.

After the workshop training they felt the standard that IPPA had in place would reassure their clients and the local providers that this service is safe, legal, and a healthy service. We knew the liability waivers would be appreciated by birth providers, along with the placenta care instructions, and benefit information. We knew IPPA's workshop and certification program would leave us feeling confident as an encapsulation specialist, and it has.

~ Julie McBurney ~

 Photograph by Stephanie Goulet

      Julie McBurney and her daughter Aradia (June 2012)

Certifed IPPA Placenta Encapsulation Speicalist
IPPA Trainer

While birth had become a passion of Julie's since first she became pregnant, postpartum became a very special interest to her immediately. As it became clear to her how your birth affected your postpartum.

Many mothers Julie has been a doula for over the years go through some level of postpartum depression. They struggle to find the right medicine to help them, not realizing those 9 months they made the perfect medicine. Julie believes in the body’s ability to heal and after learning about placenta encapsulation, placentophagia made sense.

Julie wanted to offer better care to the women she work for with placentophagia; help them replenish the nutrients and hormones depleted during birth. She wanted them to enjoy their babymoon, and move forward into parenthood feeling supported by good health.

Having personal experience, she was very movtivated by results of taking the capsules. It helped Julie to have the energy she needed to get through those long days and nights. It kept her spirits high despite the challenges she faced in postpartum. Julie struggled through breastfeeding with all 3 of her children. The two that she encapsulated their placentas were much easier postpartum even with the breastfeeding challenges.

Julie became a placentophagia advocate in 2000 and immediately filed it away on the list of things she wanted to learn and do one day. Now she enjoys serving the women in the triangle and hearing their stories, their testimonals of placentophagia.

~Samantha Dunn~

Certifed IPPA Placenta Encapsulation Speicalist

“I feel like I am offering these women who seek an encapsulation more than just a bottle of capsules, I feel like I am offering them a handful of ancient knowledge and the permission to use it.”

Samantha's passion for placentas began years ago when she became a doula and attended her first home birth. Immediately postpartum, the midwife handed her the placenta and began to describe all of the amazing attributes of such a remarkable organ. From then on, Samantha sought out ways to reintroduce women to the incredible benefits that their placenta can provide.

Samantha chose to become a certified encapsulation specialist because she wanted to safely give the “wisdom of the body” back to birthing women. She feels that being able to offer the different types of placenta preparation, makes the process more accessible for women who instinctively want to utilize what nature has given them. Samantha believes that the ability to provide this service in a professional atmosphere will hopefully encourage more women to partake in the beneficial practice of placenta consumption. She feels that placentophagia is mixing the best of science and bodily intuition, and a great way to bridge the gap between medical and holistic practice.

~Andrea McKinley~

 IPPA Placenta Encapsulation Speicalist

As a birth and postpartum doula, Andrea is a strong advocate for consuming placenta because of the amazing benefits she witnesses mothers reap daily from taking their capsules. Once she started learning more about encapsulation, she knew without a doubt this is a vital link to wellness in postpartum care.

As a mother, Andrea wishes she had known about encapsulation when she was birthing her own children, “I was joyful and grateful after my births and alongside that, I also really struggled deeply at times. There are so many adjustments we experience in our changing body, mind, and all our relationships, especially the breastfeeding relationship. If only I had known how simple it is to support my healing, mood, and breastmilk supply naturally and safely, all at once, with my own placenta!”

As an encapsulation specialist, Andrea is inspired by wise women all over the world who have known about and utilized the healing power of placentas to ease and support the transformation to motherhood as well as scientific research confirming many notable benefits of placentophagia. This evidence combined with the stories of mothers she works with directly compels her to offer this unique service to birthing women today and continue spreading the word. She sees encapsulation as readily accessible support for the whole woman, in a form that's palatable and easily absorbed by the body. She relies on Full Circle's certified method of handling to ensure safety and protect the potency of each placenta through careful, educated, mindful preparation.