Third Party Reimbursement Update

Dear parents, 

This is our new stance on helping with filing for insurance from DONA International. Please read below the message sent from Tammy Ryan.


Julie McBurney

By Tammy Ryan
     DONA International Third Party Reimbursement Coordinator

With the growing and ever-changing interest in and information regarding reimbursement of doula fees through state Medicaid and expanding public/private partnerships in the United States, DONA International will be updating our policies and the information found in the Third Party Reimbursement Packet. Thus, the Packet will no longer be available on the web site during this revision and update. The CPT code currently recommended in the Packet for use by birth doulas is not a doula code but a midwifery code. Some doulas who have used this code experienced problems with insurance companies. DONA International wishes to spare our members from any negative repercussions and is, therefore, no longer promoting the code. Additionally, the code currently suggested in the Packet for use by postpartum doulas is non-specific and no longer recommended.
As soon as there is a code that is designated just for birth and postpartum doulas, we will release a revised Third Party Reimbursement Packet. In the meantime, DONA International advises our members not to submit third party reimbursement claims. We ask for your patience as there are many exciting opportunities in progress at the state and federal levels. We are committed to bringing you the most up-to-date information for your doula practice.